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Directory of Web directory reviews online. The "Annual Fee web directories" are internet directories that charge website owners a yearly fee to be listed on the directory. Also referred to as recurring fee, yearly payment, or recurring membership listings.

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Annual Fee Web DirectoriesAnnual Fee Web Directories - Directory List

Includes Annual Fee directories online. These directories require payment each year to remain listed in their directory.

The directories are listed alphabetically and don't have ratings, prices, Page Rank, or scores out of ten. They range in price from $50 to $600 per year. The sites below will eventually be added to the Annual Fee Directory Reviews section, where users can add their review of them.

  • Best of the Web - Best of the Web directory charges an annual fee or a higher charge for a permanent website listing.
    See full BOTW Review - Submit Your Review
  • - Business focused directory with an annual fee to be listed. Some websites benefit little from listings, but it depends on what category you are listed in.
  • Microsoft BCentral - Annual fee directory from Microsoft that allows a well linked listing for webmasters at a reasonable yearly fee.
  • Yahoo Dir - The web directory of the Yahoo search engine and portal. Directory listings are steep and may or may not benefit your site. Some people love the directory, some people wouldn't spend the money to be listed.
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